Unlocking the true power of CRISPR for molecular detection.

Our breakthrough platform enables ultra-rapid molecular detection of highly multiplexed analytes, delivering unparalleled accuracy without the need for target amplification.

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The CRISPR Cascade™

A Universe of Possibilities

Introducing the CRISPR Cascade™, a revolutionary new molecular detection platform that delivers ultra-rapid, accurate results without the need for target amplification. The Cascade employs engineered CRISPR enzymes to specifically detect a molecular target of interest and then rapidly amplify the signal in a positive feedback loop, and scalable to highly multiplexed formats. With an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy, and scalability, the CRISPR Cascade offers vast application potential for molecular detection.

Ultra-rapid results

Activation begins with specific detection of a nucleic acid target that results in a positive signal amplification feedback loop, producing analytical reaction times in mere minutes.

Massive multiplexing

Unlike PCR or other DNA/RNA amplification technologies, the CRISPR Cascade enables high performance, highly scalable and rapid assays, while allowing pooling of multiple targets within reactions, akin to a molecular switch, allowing for massive multiplexing.

RNP1 - a CRISPR-associated CAS enzymeRNP1 - a CRISPR-associated CAS enzyme

Target amplification-free molecular detection

The combined use of engineered CRISPR enzymes, blocked sequences, and reporter molecules generates robust signal without target amplification.

Rapid reprogramming
for new targets

With a generally applicable signal amplification for DNA or RNA, rapid product development can be achieved with simple target sequence selection and optimization.

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VedaBio scientists working together in the lab

With our team of industry leading experts, we operate at the forefront of scientific innovation to push the limits of what’s possible in the field of molecular detection.

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VedaBio Strengthens Management Team

VedaBio, the biotechnology company leading a paradigm-shift in molecular detection, today announced that Frédéric Sweeney, PhD, has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer.
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VedaBio Unveils World Class Scientific Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 7, 2023 — VedaBio, the biotechnology company leading a paradigm-shift in molecular detection, today announced the formation of its scientific advisory board (SAB) comprised of world class academic and industry experts...
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VedaBio Launches with Over $40 Million to Revolutionize Molecular Detection

Unveils breakthrough CRISPR CascadeTM platform. Platform delivers best-in-class accuracy without need for target amplification, resulting in analytical turnaround time of < 1 minute and massive multiplexing capabilities. Company’s leadership...

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